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Sleep Through the Night Again!

Providing so much more than just sleep coaching!


Hey! I'm Ashley, founder of Love To Sleep Consulting. I have completed my training and I am certified with Baby's Best Sleep.

I truly believe in the importance of sleep & how critical it is to have a happy & healthy lifestyle! The science backs that up!

Babies are not born with the innate ability to sleep on their own (well.. except a small percentage of "unicorn" babies that are naturals), so they need to learn this skill, just like riding a bike or learning to play an instrument. 


Healthy sleep habits = Happy baby = Happy parents!


As a new mom I understand sleep deprivation all too well.  I never understood the meaning of it until I experienced myself.  Feeling like a zombie day to day was tough, especially when it came to parenting all day long. So, I completely get it & know exactly how it feels when you would do anything for sleep!

Having a new baby can be stressful when it comes to sleep.  There is an overload of information on the internet that can be intimidating & overwhelming.  This is where I can help! I understand each baby is unique & that there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to babies & sleep.  I will work individually with you and your little one to create a custom plan so that you start getting the sleep you & your family needs!

I can't wait to hear from you!

How It Works

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The Sleep Work

At Love to Sleep, we'll use gentle, & effective sleep training (sleep learning I prefer to call it) methods that are proven 99.9% successful. We will teach your little one how to successfully fall asleep on their own for night-time sleep & naps. We will also troubleshoot day-to-day sleep scheduling to achieve what's best for your child depending on their age, & individuality! 

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My Mission

My mission is to be 100%  compassionate, non-judgemental, flexible & supportive while offering you the BEST advice possible as I coach you through the process! 

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I'm in, what's next ?

Book a FREE discovery call with me! We can get to know each other over the phone & I'll answer any of your questions you may have. From there, you can decide if I'm the right fit and we can start customizing a sleep plan for you and your little one!