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Baby Sleeping

Sleep Through the Night Again!

One on one sleep support for your family!
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I'm Ashley, founder of Love To Sleep Consulting and a mama of one.  I'm happy you're here!

I am truly passionate about sleep and how important it is to help achieve a happy & healthy lifestyle!  

Babies are not born with the innate ability to sleep on their own (well.. except a small percentage of "unicorn" babies that are naturals), so they need to learn this skill, just like riding a bike or learning to play an instrument.


As a new mom I understand sleep deprivation all too well.  I never understood the meaning of it until I experienced myself.  Feeling like a zombie day to day was tough, especially when it came to parenting all day long. So, I completely get it & know exactly how it feels when you would do anything for sleep!

Having a new baby can be stressful when it comes to sleep. There is an overload of information on the internet that can be intimidating & overwhelming.  This is where I can help! I understand each baby is unique & that there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to babies & sleep.  I will work individually with you and your little one to create a custom plan so that you start getting the sleep you & your family needs!

I can't wait to hear from you & help you on your journey to better sleep!

How It Works

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My philosophy

At Love to Sleep, we'll use evidence-based, gentle, no crying it out sleep training methods that are proven to be 99.9% successful. We'll teach your little one how to fall asleep on their own for night-time sleep & naps.  

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My mission

My mission is to be 100%  compassionate, non-judgemental, flexible & supportive while offering you the BEST advice possible as I help you through the program!

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I'm in, what's next ?

Book a FREE discovery call with me! We can get to know each other over the phone & I'll answer any of your questions you may have. From there, you can decide if I'm the right fit and we can start customizing a sleep plan for you and your little one!

"Exactly what I was hoping for! I was very nervous about starting the process and had been through a previous, failed "sleep training"experience with my oldest.  Ashley was so understanding and patient from the beginning, even emailing me research articles to help ease my mind about the process.  Having been through 4 years of little to no sleep, trying everything I could think of with 2 kids - I was sceptical, but desperate.  I trusted the process and followed the plan - and by night 3 we had made amazing progress.  Before I knew itthe 1.5 year old who still needed to be rocked to sleep with her bottle/up several times nightly was rolling over to go to sleep on her OWN.  With ZERO night wakings.  It felt like a miracle.  I'm so grateful for Ashley's kindess, compassion, patience and understanding.  I felt truly supported through the entire process and will be forever grateful to be sleeping again!"
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