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1:1 Ultimate Sleep
Support Package

For babies & children 4 months - 5 years
A comprehensive package with full support guaranteed for success!
  • Are you tired of being sleep deprived?

  • Have you tried sleep training with no success?

  • Have you researched EVERYTHING about sleep, yet, you feel even more lost?

  • Are you sick of "just waiting" it out until your child sleeps better?

  • Do you need 1:1 support that will make you feel empowered and motivated!

Well, look no further!

Say goodbye to sleepless nights with this emotionally supportive, all inclusive package!

My proven strategies & tools will have your baby sleeping through the night within a few days.  You'll still be able to love, connect & support your child while finally getting the rest you both need.

You'll also receive one-on-one support from me to help minimize crying or protest quickly so the process is as stress free as possible.

What's included:
  • A thorough evaluation of your little one's sleep habits & routine (detailed questionnaire) 

  • A full comprehensive sleep plan developed specifically tailored to your child & your preferred sleep training method of choice

  • A one hour virtual consultation (via face time or phone) where I walk you through the plan step-by-step & answer any questions you have

  • Night one text msg support from bedtime until your child is asleep.  My phone will be beside me to support you through the first night

  • Two weeks of daily follow up support via text/email & daily check ins of your sleep log where I'll make suggestions as needed in order to stay on the right track

  • Four 15 min support calls throughout our two weeks together

  • A complete handbook (PDF) all about nap transitions, regressions, time changes & more will be provided at the end of our work together so you are prepared sleep challenges in the future

$495 CAD

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