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Boy on a Bed

Essential's Sleep
Support Package

For babies & children 4 months - 5 years
Better Sleep is just around the corner!
  • Are you ready for a full night's sleep?

  • Are you tired of rocking, shushing, patting your baby to sleep?

  • Struggling with bedtime battles with your toddler?

  • Have you had enough with short naps interrupting your coffee time?

  • Are you concerned your child isn't getting the sleep they need?

  • Do you need some assistance & guidance without fully committing to a full 1:1 sleep support program?

Then, this is the package for you!

With this plan, you'll be provided with everything you need in order be successful in achieving your sleep goals! No more restless nights, 10 min naps, or hour long bedtime battles!


My proven strategies & tools will have your baby sleeping through the night within a few days & you'll still be able to love, connect & support your child while finally getting the rest you both need.

No need to fear that you'll be on your own either! I'll be there for support & to help you along while offering some guidance & motivation when needed.

What's included:

  • A thorough evaluation of your little one's sleep habits & routine (with a detailed questionnaire) 

  • A full comprehensive sleep plan developed specifically tailored to your child & your preferred sleep training method of choice

  • A one hour virtual consultation (via face time or phone) where I walk you through the plan step-by-step & answer any questions you have

  • Two weeks of email support (you'll receive a response on the same day)

  • Two 15 min support calls throughout our two weeks together

  • A complete handbook (PDF) all about nap transitions, regressions, time changes & more will be provided at the end of our work together so you are prepared for sleep challenges in the future

Note: If you decide you need additional support, you can upgrade to the 1:1 Ultimate Sleep Package at any time during the two weeks & only pay the difference. 

$325 CAD

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