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Sleeping Newborn

Newborn Foundations

For babies up to 4 months & expecting parents
A program specifically designed to set your newborn up for sleep success!

So, you've brought home your sweet new baby from the hospital & you've soaked up all those first few weeks of newborn bliss! But, you're deeply missing sleep! 

Are you curious if there's ways you can introduce sleep strategies this early on? YOU BET!

I have designed this package to provide you with the tools to start implementing simple strategies that will get you and your baby off to a great start.

You will be on your way to having the best little sleeper!

What you'll learn in this program:
  • Newborn sleep development 

  • Ways to soothe your newborn

  • How to look for sleepy signs & cues

  • Preventing overtiredness

  • How to establish an eat-play-sleep routine

  • Beginning a bedtime routine

  • Managing night feedings

  • All about naps

  • And MORE!


What's included:
  • A 45 min consultation call to review gentle "no-cry" newborn sleep strategies 

  • A complete & comprehensive handbook (PDF form) to newborn sleep. Tips and tricks (that do not involve any sleep training) to establish healthy sleep habits early on

$95 CAD

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